Big Dist Allstars

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In the Ground

Musique : Big Dist Allstars
Paroles : AL Peal

I wrote something light for you
Not to overbored your brain
I wanted a kind of fluffy song
To make you kind of levivate

Don't ask why it seems that I'm lying
I forgot to dream and to smile
I'm gonna tell you what really happened
To my perfect lovin' intentions

Refrain :
Something was unchained inside
Since a very long time
And I didn't even noticed
It does exist until now

It has the art of hiding (In the ground)
And to avoid your sight
It takes the color of your mind (In the ground)
It found me there and took me underground

It always laugh at everyone (In the ground)
Who try to escape (In the ground)
The only way to survive (In the ground)
Is to let it take your soul

You see i failed bringing some peace
Although I know you would have love it
Try to fix my heart in several pieces
It looks like hate is still full of surprises

Don't ask why it seems that I'm dying
I forgot the aim of my life
I'm gonna found out what really happened
To my naiv casual smile


Because I'm hate, and there is no way that I can stop it, too late
This is the truth, I will burn the world, I can't wait, because I'm hate
I'm mean, I don't care, fuck you all
I'm mean, I don't care, don't give a shit at all
Here I am the real me in front of you all, and I can explain why
Because this black thing helped me to realize world is hate
And the nicest thing that I can make is shit, too late

Ooooh cause I'm hate, and it's the nicest song that I can make x2

In the Ground x4
It found me there and took me underground
In the Ground x4

What about to admit you're just a piece of shit ?
What about shutting up your mouth for me to forget your existence ?
What about to disapear for me to avoid feeling such hate ?
If killing wasn't prohibed I won't hesitate a single second and this would be the best part of my day.

" Reste à savoir s'ils parviendront à résoudre cette situation paradoxale : saisir des opportunités futures quand on a d'ores et déjà connu la consécration de jouer à l'Olympia."
Le Dauphiné Libéré - 15/02/2012

"Big Dist, sans moi ça aurait dû être nul à chier... mais c'est de la tuerie et donc comme tout artiste un peu trop nombriliste de la scène grenobloise qui se respecte, je les déteste!"
Feust from Nowhere near London - 09/12/2011

"Il y'a très peu de groupes qui font de la fusion crédible. Il y'a Rage Against the Machine, Infectious Groove, et Big Dist Allstars."
Buz Way Nowell from Youth and I - 30/01/2010

"Ce que j'aime chez Big Dist, c'est leur manière de frôler la fusion en fait, tu te dis "ça va partir en fusion là", et en fait non, ça reste du pur rock'n roll ! ."
Tony Von C from Youth and I - 26/06/2010